Bourgeois Pig

Café, Bakery, Tea Room
5931 Franklin Ave (at Tamarind)
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 464-6008



  • Head to the back and discover the enchanted forest
  • Tucked away little coffee shop with amazing coffee, great atmosphere, including a forest room, and a pool table to satisfy all your morning or late night caffeine needs. - Whitney
  • Vanilla mint milkshake is incredible.
  • Push, don't pull
  • I think they literally play really sucky music here to keep people from sticking around too long
  • Ah... Bourgeois Pig... U're hipster baristas r full of sh*t, u're nasty coffee is too expensive... But I keep coming back. One of the more dysfunctional relationships I've ever had...
  • Amazing atmosphere here
  • Get the Pirate's chai with almond milk it's spicier and less sweet than ordinary chai.
  • Try the pirate chai.
  • If you're looking to try something different get the Thai Tea... It's Ahhh-mazing!
  • The cappucino!
  • One of the hippest places that I have found in LA. Writers and artists abound..
  • A coffee shop that looks like a bar, complete with pool table. Awesome music selection.
  • Walk in, second large table on your left. Very cold...right under the vent.
  • Went there last night for the first time ever. Beats your regular run of the mill cafe. Amazing inside
  • Go check out the Dark Room in the back. It's got a cool forest feel to it, private nooks and funny enough made me think of "Troll 2"[if you haven't seen the hilarity that is Troll 2, I highly rec'm'd]
  • Make sure to sit in the forest room...go past the pool table and take a right. Don't get lost!
  • Go to Bourgeois Pig and sit in the treehouse room in back!
  • Weird haunted forest in the back, good coffee and it's open with free wifi until 2am. Good place to have a chat or get some work done.
  • Great awesome forest room for writing/ hanging out! Their dirty chai tea is the best I've ever had!

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