Big Shot - Stratosphere

Row 1

2000 Las Vegas Blvd S (btw Baltimore Ave and Philadelphia Ave)
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 380-7777

Foursquare Tips

  • Check this out at night for great views of the city!
  • This ride is freaking Awesome!
  • Altas emoes com vista espetacular da cidade. Imperdvel! Lembra o Doctor Doom's Fearfall (IOA) e o Falcon's Fury (Busch Gardens).
  • This is as high as u can get in Vegas without a plane or risking jail time. :-) very fun ride if you like to get your heart pumping.
  • If you are not scared of heights, the Big Shot is a must at least once in Vegas. It shoots you up a number of stories and then drops you. All from the 110th floor of the Stratosphere Hotel. Be sure
  • It doesnt last long but its very nice!
  • Make a funny face for the picture, it is taken right at the start of the ride.
  • Incredible, terrifying views, regardless of which side you board!
  • It's awesome but it takes like less than a minute... The view is great, try it at night
  • Try to do some line management and sit on one of the two sides that faces the strip, especially at night.
  • Awesome view! Made my stomach bottom out once or twice, sooo much fun!
  • Exquisitos sanwdich de roastbeef!
  • Make sure you hold on to your belongings - almost lost my dogtags on this ride. Truly amazing!!
  • Don't put your hands on the handrails makes it more fun!
  • Crazy at night... this is the Power Tower on steroids!
  • : .
  • Time to ride the Big Shot again!!! This is a must do if your ever in Vegas!
  • Est bien para una primera vez, solo La primer bajada es la fea las dems ni se sienten
  • Gzeldi buraya gelenlere neririm
  • V de dia, l pelas 15h, aprecie o canion red rocks, d um pulo no premium outlets, e volte p a stratosphere qdo anoitecer e veja as mil luzes de las Vegas!

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