Grocery Store, Supermarket
Charleston, SC


  • The pharmacy is the best I have ever used ... Best customer service
  • Beware of the bags that have no bottoms.
  • Don't go if your in a hurry and that's a southern hurry
  • All price locked items and more at
  • Be careful in the parking lot. 2nd time this week I was almost hit by soccer moms texting and driving.
  • Don't come here hungry!!!!
  • I love this store. JK
  • BI-LO at 3125 Bees Ferry Road is now Lowes Foods.
  • This BI-LO was NOT purchased by Food Lion and BI-LOs corporate parent is apparently still seeking a buyer for this location since the BI-LO chain will no longer exist after year-end 2020.
  • The BI-LO Pharmacy is closed and all prescriptions have been transferred to CVS/pharmacy on Ashley River Road at Parsonage Road.
  • Convenient location at Bees Ferry Crossing shopping center on the corner of Bees Ferry Rd & Ashley River Rd. The only grocery store on north SC Hwy 61.

Nearby places

3951 W Ashley Cir (Bees Ferry Rd)
2875 Ashley River Rd (at Bees Ferry Rd)
2566 Ashley River Rd (at Parsonage Rd)