Top Rated Teriyaki Recipes

Easy Vegetarian Dumplings
As a lover of dumplings who is constantly on a diet,  believe me when I tell you this recipe changed my life. I had a total Dr. Frankenstein look-what-I've-created/it's-alive-moment the second I bit into this delicious dumpling. A healthy dumpling I don't have to order or question the contents of? I. Am. Sold. Hopefully, you will be too! You can definitely play with the ingredients to make sure they align with your tastes though I recommend definitely using the slaw mixture, as it soaks up the sauces rather nicely!
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Five-Way Mini Meatloaves
Even though these ground beef meatloaves might be mini, they are chock-full of flavor and nutrients.Recipe courtesy of The Beef Council
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Ham and Cheese Sliders
With teriyaki sauce, pineapple, ham and cheese all baked inside slightly sweetened fluffy Hawaiian rolls, this delicious new take on a ham and cheese sandwich will be an instant favorite. This recipe is courtesy of Karrie Truman, Happy Money Saver.
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