Top Rated Tarte Tatin Recipes

Pear Tarte Tatin With Vanilla Ice Cream
This dessert is one of my absolute faves and a genuine classic – but with a twist. The crunchy pastry really makes this dessert stand out, so pay attention to the basting step in the method. This is the secret to this dessert and it ensures you have the crispiest and most caramelised puff pastry ever. Choose firm pears to ensure they don’t go mushy before you finish cooking.When testing recipes for this book, I tested this out about a dozen times for precision, but I think I’ll give it another go just to make sure… — Darren Purchese, author of Lamingtons & Lemon TartComponents:Vanilla ice creamPear tarte tatin
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Tarte tatin
While tatins are traditionally made with apples, this summer variation is delightful — summer on a plate! Luc Dimnet, executive chef at Brasserie in New York City recommends choosing peaches that are ripe but still a bit firm to the touch when making this dessert. This tarte is guaranteed to obtain a lot of “oh la las” when served with a scoop of ice cream.
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A lot of people shy away from homemade tatins because of the caramel factor. This recipe takes an easy approach by whisking a small portion of sugar into the butter used to sauté the pumpkin, rather than making an entire pot of sticky, messy caramel. If you’re afraid to flambé, leave the rum part out, because the only way to really burn off the alcohol is to ignite some flames. 
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