Top Rated Spinach and Ricotta Recipes

Torta Pascualina
Puff pastry is filled with a creamy spinach and ricotta mix, before raw eggs are dropped in. These eggs bake as the pie does, so that when it is served, every slice has a pretty, Easter-themed cross-section of a cooked egg in it.This recipe is courtesy of Palm Beach Post.
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Spinach and ricotta pasta
I can't lie — when I set out to make this recipe, I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing or how it would turn out. And I'll tell you this, it came out spectacularly. Granted, this is a simple dish, but the nuttiness of the farro, cooled down, paired wonderfully with ribbons of spinach and the creaminess of the cheese. Lemon zest added a pleasant tang and brightness. If you like, you could easily add in some avocado as well... 
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Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna
A good, creamy lasagna is important to have in your cooking repertoire. This lasagna is simple and easy to make, and the ricotta adds a creaminess that other lasagnas may use béchamel sauce to achieve. The layer of basil adds extra freshness, so be sure to use basil leaves, not dried. Click here to see 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make in a Microwave
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