Top Rated Rice Pilaf Recipes

Rice pilaf
Rice pilaf dishes are common in many different cuisines, including Middle Eastern, East Asian, and Caribbean. A pilaf is essentially rice cooked in a broth with a mix of vegetables and spices.In this case, you aren’t using the Instant Pot’s “rice cooker” setting like you might expect, as this dish really develops its flavor over long periods of time. The “rice cooker” setting is better suited to simply steam rice on its own.This dish is delicious with a hearty roast chicken.25 Rice Dishes That Will Make You Forget Potatoes 
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Asparagus Rice Pilaf
This side dish is great with almost everything — from grilled chicken breasts to pork stir-fry. Try using leftover rice for an even crunchier texture. Sliced almonds or cashews would be a wonderful addition to this pilaf as well. Click here to see Awesome Asparagus Recipes.
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