Top Rated Ratatouille Recipes

Eggplants headed for ratatouille
For anyone who has seen Ratatouille, let me quickly say that this is not a recipe for the time-consuming and intricate dish made to save the day at the end of the film. This recipe is more concerned with flavor building with ease than it is with making sure each vegetable is cut to the same thickness and width. It is best served as a hearty side dish or can be served as a full meal when paired with rice or couscous. Letting the purists gasp, I also like to pile a spoonful of this ratatouille on top of a sliced, toasted baguette for a warm, French-inspired bruschetta.Click here to see 8 Easy Vegetarian Dishes. 
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Remy’s ratatouille is a delicately seasoned beautiful spiral of color, which makes the most of those summer vegetables.This recipe is courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.
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