Top Rated Primavera Recipes

Pasta Primavera with Grana Padano Cheese
This pasta is tossed with crisp-tender vegetables, Grana Padano cheese, and a garlic infused sauce. Grana Padano's rich flavor and flaky texture make it the perfect choice for this dish! Recipe courtesy of A Mind Full Mom. 
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This recipe is provided by SUSHISAMBA.
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Capellini alla Primavera
Pasta with spring vegetables — or, for that matter, any vegetables — has always been a staple of Italian cuisine. But Sirio Maccioni, the renowned Italian restaurateur who has owned Le Cirque for decades, claims to be the one to baptize it primavera in 1974. Along with Romeo Salta, and the Giambelli brothers, Sirio was at the lead in bringing the fine Italian dining experience to New York. Sirio runs a restaurant that is French by name but serves pasta primavera. Click here to see Lidia Bastianich's Take on Italian-American Cuisine.
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Fall "Pasta Primavera"
Now, before you start in with the know-it-all, "primavera" actually means "spring" in Italian commentary — don't worry, I'm well aware. You see, it's just that I'm a big fan of cooking in season, and the ingredients traditionally found in pasta primavera don't exactly jive with what's fresh at the farmers' market this time of year. So instead, I created a pasta dish that celebrates the bounty fall has to offer — Brussels sprouts, parsnips, and butternut squash — and paired it with a nutmeg- and cinnamon-spiced Parmesan cream sauce.
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chicken pasta salad
This pasta salad is just as flavorful as it is colorful.
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Pizza Primavera
"Grilled vegetables are the main attraction of this pizza. The range of colors and textures makes for a beautiful pizza, and with a sauce of only crushed cherry tomatoes, this is one of our healthiest and tastiest pizzas. Just what the doctor ordered!" - Craig Whitson and Tore Gjesteland, authors of Passion for Pizza: A Journey Through Thick and Thin to Find the Pizza Elite
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