Top Rated Poached Chicken Recipes

Poached-Chicken Salad with Pistachios and Mangos
Here's a lighter, sexier chicken salad for summer with a tropical twist. This is fantastic served on some flatbread crisps, some toasted buns, plain old sandwich bread, or in lettuce cups.
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Poached Chicken
Here's a basic poached chicken recipe that you can use to make a wealth of chicken dishes throughout the week. Plus, you also get a rich broth that's better than the boxed versions at the store; freeze it for future use.Click here to see 1 Chicken Recipe, 5 Meals.
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Asian Chicken Salad
I have been making (and hiding) this recipe since moving to California some 20 years ago when I had my first taste at a restaurant by the name of the Good Earth. I loved the tangy dressing with crunchy noodles. Over time, my recipe has evolved, and finally, I have nailed it.See all salad recipes.Click here to see 1 Chicken Recipe, 5 MealsClick here to see 101 Ways to Cook Chicken
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Chicken Tostadas
My smashed (aka refried) bean recipe is simple. Lard-free. Spicy. Full of texture. I like to use pinto beans that I have cooked ahead of time and stored for a hunkering of delicious. A couple of times a month, I pick a bean, and cook up a big pot. They freeze wonderfully and can be used for recipes like this or to toss into soups and stews. If you don’t have the time to precook a big pot of beans, feel free to use canned. I cook up some yellow onion, garlic (I used green this time), and serranos, until slightly soft. Then, I pour in the beans with their nectar. Cook, stir, cook, stir. Once the mixture is slightly thick, I start smashing with a potato smasher. I do not make the bean mixture completely smooth, I leave a lot of whole beans in there. They are texture. That is really it. So good. See all chicken recipes.  Click here to see 1 Chicken Recipe, 5 Meals.
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