Top Rated Palak Recipes

Tricolor Pulao
Pulao is a traditional Indian rice dish served on both regular and special occasions. If preparing it for a national holiday (like Indian Independence Day on August 15), this orange, white, and green version will make a big splash and absolutely wow your guests.This recipe comes courtesy of
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Palak Paneer
Dishes like palak paneer make me thankful that about half of India is vegetarian. Paneer, often referred to as "Indian cottage cheese" on menus (though it more closely resembles halloumi), sears beautifully and is a perfect addition to simple vegetable dishes. It's traditionally cooked in a spicy puréed spinach curry, but you can also toss it with sautéed mustard greens or Swiss chard to add protein and texture. Click here to see Recipe SWAT Team: Healthy Greens. 
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