Top Rated Moong Dal Recipes

Lentil soup with raw mangoes
Back at home during the peak summer, Mom would make ‘Aam daal’ or ‘Raw Mango Lentil soup’. It’s tangy and sweet, with little juicy bite in between and very comforting. You would love it warm as well as cold. Take a piece of bread and dip in it or pour some on white rice (that’s my Dad’s style) or just use a cup and drink it plain which is my style.
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Eden Grinshpan of Log On and Eat with Eden Grinshpan on the Cooking Channel shares her favorite Thai-isnpired Mango Sticky Rice recipe. Grinshpan's comment on the recipe: "This snack is light and delicious! You will love it! I promise! Perfect for the spring/summer ;)"
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