Top Rated Jewish Recipes

This tender cake, sometimes referred to as a pudding (budino di ricotta) started out as a pancake. Food historian Clifford Wright notes that Sicilian Jews took their traditions of making and cooking with ricotta to Rome when they were expelled from Sicily in the 15th century, and a version of this recipe came with them. You can still find this delicious dessert in Rome's Jewish quarter in its simplest form — eggs, sugar, ricotta, and cinnamon. In our recipe, we separate the eggs and fold in the beaten whites, which make the cake even more delicate. If you can't find good quality fresh ricotta, make your own. 
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Sliced Brisket
This family recipe has been perfected over the years and is one that we are certain you will enjoy. Prepare it for the Jewish holidays or to celebrate National Brisket Day on May 28th. 
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