Top Rated Grilled Fish Recipes

Grilled Fish with Watermelon Salsa
Sometimes, old favorites just need a little twist to make them new and interesting again. Such is the case with salsa. It's a versatile topping that makes grilled chicken, fish, and beef something a little special. But sometimes, even the taste-maker needs some livening up. Here, we use watermelon to add some sweetness to the typical sour-spicy flavor profile of pico de gallo. Click here to see 5 Tantalizing Watermelon Recipes for Summer Cookouts. Click here to see more Healthy Summer Dinner Recipes
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Fish kebab
Marinate your fish before grilling to get the most flavor out of your ingredients.This recipe is courtesy of Tori Avey.
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Grilled Fish Tacos With Lime Cabbage Slaw
Host a fiesta and serve these grilled fish tacos alongside many margaritas.This recipe is courtesy of Cooking Classy.
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Mammoth basil leaves grow as large as your hand and are well suited for wrapping fish fillets or other quick-cooking foods for the grill. The leaves impart a delicate flavor to the fish and help keep the flesh moist while cooking. Soak the leaves in cold water to keep the basil from scorching on the grill. Experiment by substituting other scented basil leaves, such as lemon or cinnamon, for variations in flavor. 
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Grilled Mackerel
Grilling a whole fish sounds daunting, but it’s incredibly simple and requires almost no preparation before cooking it.This recipe is courtesy of Epicurious.
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