Top Rated Focaccia Recipes

This gorgeous sandwich is essentially a caprese salad on top of a mountain of roasted chicken, all between slices of pillowy focaccia bread with chipotle mayo thrown into the mix to spice things up.To watch the video on how to make the copycat Panera frontera chicken panini, click here.
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Pizza-Style Focaccia from Morandi
This recipe comes to us from NYC Italian spot Morandi, known for their old-world authentic cuisine. The focaccia is a nice, light appetizer and you can play around with different toppings and cheeses. Use store-bought pizza dough or make your own!
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Loved by many, this grilled asparagus and prosciutto panini is perfect paired with Chianti at a fall dinner party.
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Caesar Salad
Grilling the chicken and lettuce of the Caesar salad adds a deep, satisfying, charred flavor.This recipe is courtesy of Food Network.
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Three Ingredient Barbecue Pork
For this easy dish, all you need to do is combine barbecue sauce, beer and pork in a slow cooker. Perfect to enjoy in a sandwich, taco, on nachos and more. Recipe Courtesy of Seasonal Cravings 
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