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From the renowned Italian restaurant Patsy's of New York City, this chicken cacciatore recipe is as authentic as it gets. 
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Chicken In  Pot
If the idea of eating whole garlic cloves turns you off, you’ve nothing to fear here. As they braise in the pot with the other aromatic vegetables, the cloves give up all their garlicky goodness to the rich chicken jus. What’s left is a handful of sweet, jam-y morsels that are particularly delicious slathered on the juicy meat or mashed into the sauce.
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People always love this recipe because they don't usually think of using the skin this way when cooking a piece of chicken. It adds a perfect, crunchy texture, and you won't want to eat a chicken wrap any other way without it. Kids also have a lot of fun shaking the bag when seasoning the chicken. 
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Don't let the name fool you — this one-pot recipe is delicious and easy to make for even the most novice of cooks. The guts in this recipe aren't really guts at all, but accompanying ingredients like artichoke hearts, sliced potatoes, mushrooms, and onions. The name of the dish is just my family's silly way to describe how easily it's prepared: throwing chicken together with some additional ingredients and seasonings in a dish and baking it. 
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Chicken Cacciatore
Hi All, As a fresh joiner to this community, i would like to share the recipe for chicken cacciatore. A tasty Mediterranean food, which i believe all of you will enjoy. this is just the beginning. more to come. enjoy your day.
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I love this recipe because it comes across as this really impressive, elegant dish, but is so easy to make. It's the sauce that does it. Every step of the recipe is why it's so good, from flouring the chicken, frying it, and deglazing with white wine to the main event: artichokes. Feel free to play around with the ingredients as you please, though (mushrooms for artichokes, red wine for white), but always make the sauce in the same pan that you cooked the floured chicken. 
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Chicken Divan
Once you get past cleaning and chopping up all of the broccoli, this is really very easy to put together. If you're in a time crunch, just use frozen broccoli. I've said it before, but I strongly dislike frozen broccoli because I feel I always end up biting into "woody" stem pieces and I hate that! So, it's fresh broccoli for me! I hope you decide to try this! See all slow cooker recipes.  
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Chicken Calvados
Calvados is the famous apple brandy of Normandy, and the bonnes femmes of Normandy often use the spirit to flavor their cooking. But don't feel like you have to buy a bottle of the real thing for this chicken breast recipe. If there's an apple brandy made in your region, reach for that over calvados. As for the apples, use the best locally grown apples you can find. After all, the more local your products, the more true-to-France your cooking will be.
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Few recipes are more Southern or downright delicious than chicken and dumplings. Most folks won't get any more fancy with seasonings than parsley. The truth is that other fresh herbs, like chives, tarragon, or savory, are also good. 
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Chicken Parmigiana
A cheesy, tomato sauce-covered comfort food, this recipe is best served with a side of pasta. This variation of the recipe is a little lighter than traditional chicken parmigiana but it's just as tasty (I promise). 
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Chicken Tostadas
My smashed (aka refried) bean recipe is simple. Lard-free. Spicy. Full of texture. I like to use pinto beans that I have cooked ahead of time and stored for a hunkering of delicious. A couple of times a month, I pick a bean, and cook up a big pot. They freeze wonderfully and can be used for recipes like this or to toss into soups and stews. If you don’t have the time to precook a big pot of beans, feel free to use canned. I cook up some yellow onion, garlic (I used green this time), and serranos, until slightly soft. Then, I pour in the beans with their nectar. Cook, stir, cook, stir. Once the mixture is slightly thick, I start smashing with a potato smasher. I do not make the bean mixture completely smooth, I leave a lot of whole beans in there. They are texture. That is really it. So good. See all chicken recipes.  Click here to see 1 Chicken Recipe, 5 Meals.
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Chicken Enchiladas
Here’s my twist on chicken enchiladas. Red sauce is great and all, but sometimes you just need a change. I topped my enchiladas with a cilantro-pepita dressing and pico de gallo, but you can definitely turn up the heat level with some serrano or habanero peppers. Pepitas are green pumpkin seeds often used in Mexican cooking and can be found in the specialty foods aisle of the grocery store (try asking for pine nuts, and they should be nearby). Click here to see Cozy Comfort Food Recipes. 
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