Top Rated Chicken Recipes

Chicken Teriyaki
Just so you know, the "chicken teriyaki sauce" in a bottle does not taste like real teriyaki sauce in Japan. Teriyaki is a cooking technique. "Teri" means the "luster" given by the sweet soy sauce marinade and "yaki" means "cooking or grilling," and it’s not really the name of the sauce. Click here to see 5 Essential Japanese Dishes to Know.
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Here’s a chicken recipe that comes together in a snap from Justin A. Turner, a 10-year veteran with the City of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department. It’s a stick-to-your-ribs meal that satisfies at the end of a long, hard day.Click here to see America’s Best Firehouse Chefs.
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Forget barbecue when you can instantly whip up this easy and awesome pulled chicken with rotisserie chicken and a few flavorful ingredients.    Click here to see 10 Easy Summer Chicken Recipes
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Sesame chicken is not really authentic Chinese food, but it is a classic dish served in Chinese restaurants throughout the United States. Lacking the Chinese takeout that so many folks take for granted out on the ranch, I learned to make this favorite takeout dish at home.
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From the renowned Italian restaurant Patsy's of New York City, this chicken cacciatore recipe is as authentic as it gets. 
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People always love this recipe because they don't usually think of using the skin this way when cooking a piece of chicken. It adds a perfect, crunchy texture, and you won't want to eat a chicken wrap any other way without it. Kids also have a lot of fun shaking the bag when seasoning the chicken. 
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Poached Chicken
Here's a basic poached chicken recipe that you can use to make a wealth of chicken dishes throughout the week. Plus, you also get a rich broth that's better than the boxed versions at the store; freeze it for future use.Click here to see 1 Chicken Recipe, 5 Meals.
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Chicken Scarpariello
I would venture to say that, along with chicken parmigiana, chicken scarpariello is one of the most recognized chicken recipes in America. Chicken scarpariello is a composition of a few favorite ingredients: chicken, lots of garlic, and vinegar. In this recipe, I added some sausage, which is not unusual, especially if you have a big brood coming over. To multiply the recipe: Proceed in batches; then, once you have brought the whole thing to a boil, transfer to a roasting pan and finish cooking in a 450-degree oven, stirring the chicken periodically so all the pieces get crispy. Click here to see Lidia Bastianich's Take on Italian-American Cuisine.
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I love this recipe because it comes across as this really impressive, elegant dish, but is so easy to make. It's the sauce that does it. Every step of the recipe is why it's so good, from flouring the chicken, frying it, and deglazing with white wine to the main event: artichokes. Feel free to play around with the ingredients as you please, though (mushrooms for artichokes, red wine for white), but always make the sauce in the same pan that you cooked the floured chicken. 
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Chicken Bulgogi
If you like the sweet and savory bulgogi flavor, but don't like red meat, this one's for you! Bulgogi is a marinated meat dish made with thin slices of beef. Dak bulgogi is a variation made with chicken. "Dak" means chicken.For the chicken version, I like to add a bit of lemon flavor. It certainly gives the dish a tasty spark! I used boneless chicken thigh, but you can use boneless breast or a combination of both parts. The bite-sized chicken pieces marinate and cook quickly, making this dish a good option for a weeknight meal.You can enjoy the chicken in lettuce wraps with a dollop of ssamjang or doenjang (soybean paste). It will be equally delicious simply served with your choice of salad or a side dish along with a bowl of rice. Enjoy!See all recipes for chicken.Click here to see 15 Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes. 
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Cashew Chicken
Here's a delicious slow cooker recipe for the Chinese favorite. So good, and with fairly easy prep. Serve this over steamed brown or white rice for a quick weeknight meal. See all chicken recipes. Click here to see Back to Basics: Asian Cuisine.
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Chicken Udon
Whether you're battling the weather or simply feel like staying in, Haru's chicken udon will keep you toasty-warm and out of the gritty snow. This quick recipe by New York City's favorite sushi and sake spot feeds up to four and all ingredients can be purchased for $20 at your local grocer. Click here to see 15 Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes.
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