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Easy tomato sauce
My father had a rotation of a few go-to dishes he would make for me and my sister when my mother was working or studying, and one of them is an easy, but still super-tasty favorite of mine: ricotta, pasta, and tomato sauce. Usually he went with rotelli. He’d make the pasta, throw it in a bowl with the ricotta while it was still warm a few times, and then toss it with tomato sauce. It’s creamy and tangy, and it’s replete with all the true simple goodness and flavor of growing up in an Italian-American household. I play with this recipe all the time, throwing in cold goat cheese at the last second, fancying up the pasta, making my own sauce, but at the base of it, this is Pop’s dish. Here, instead of using a jar of sauce, you can make a simple homemade cherry tomato sauce in less than 20 minutes, and used some fancypants stracciatella and ricotta with homemade garganelli from Eataly. It’s a much more expensive version of a dish whose inspiration was kind of totally the complete opposite: a reasonably priced, soul-satisfying, red-sauce dinner. Why? Because it takes all those quintessential flavors to their next level. Regardless, let’s just say by the time you boil your water, it will be ready to go. And hey Pop, thanks for dinner. Click here to see It's Time for a Cherry Tomato Fiesta — 11 Great Recipes.
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Cherry Tomato Sauce
This has to be one of the easiest tomato sauces to make. It’s the ultimate beginner’s tomato sauce because there’s no chopping. All you basically have to do is throw the tomatoes into a pan, cover them, and wait until they all burst. One thing to note is the seed factor. You’ll find many Italian chefs who say they would never remove seeds from a tomato sauce. If you agree, this is a sauce for you. Seeding isn’t an option here, but you don’t really need to — the seeds, while numerous, are hardly bitter. Click here to see It's Time for a Cherry Tomato Fiesta — 11 Great Recipes.
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Cherry Tomatoes
Originally, the recipe was conceived to use up some slow-cooker pork shoulder leftovers, but its simplicity and bright colors had me thinking about boring old pasta in a new way. Come to think of it, you could use leftover roast chicken too, but the tomatoes and radicchio go nicely with the tender pork. Click here to see Recipe SWAT Team: Pasta Dishes.
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Easy crushed tomato pasta
Here's everything you need to know about this spaghetti recipe: It's inexpensive, easy to make, and delicious. Put simply, it's the ultimate quick-fix pasta dish. Click here to see 6 Quick and Easy Pasta Recipes Click here to see 8 Easy Vegetarian Dishes.
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