Top Rated Broiled Fish Recipes

Chobani yogurt, or any Greek yogurt you can find, adds creaminess and a subtle sweet flavor to offset the tang of the mango salsa, creating the perfect topping to your fish tacos.    Click here to see more recipes that use Greek yogurt.
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I've never been one to detox. The idea of a juice cleanse gives me chills, salads are a bore, and I'm downright offended when I see meal replacement shakes masquerading as actual sustenance. If anything, I'd rather just scale down to something simple after an indulgent meal: soup, a hunk of crusty bread, a slab of cheese, and two or three tangerines. This meal epitomizes my moderation-and-not-deprivation mantra. Light and flaky white fish (I used cod, though you could use tilapia, halibut, catfish, or anything else, really) is married with the best of the waning season's flavors: the viscous kiss of maple, the licorice perfume of fennel, the savory, garlic-bitten chard. It's a delicious post-holiday meal that just so happens to be nutritionally sound. No matter how much you indulge in the end of the year's holiday treats, it's important to remember that even after that extra helping of gravy-doused turkey or buttery mashed potatoes, starvation is not the answer. With flavorful and wholesome cooking, you can eat still complete meals without worrying about the dreaded unbuttoning of the pants. Click here to see Simple Ingredients Made Spectacular. 
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