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Polenta with greens and mushrooms
I grew up spending my summers in Westport, Mass., where there is a wonderful brand of locally-milled cornmeal called Gray's. My dad would always use the cornmeal when making pancakes or waffles, to cut the flour and add some heft (and nutritive value) to the batter. Naturally, my love of Gray’s cornmeal led me to experiment with their product for making one of my favorite comfort foods: Polenta.  While I typically make polenta with chicken stock for added flavor, I’ve started to experiment with using plain water and instead adding a variety of seasonings to jazz up the cornmeal — that is where this recipe has its roots. Next up on my polenta experiment agenda? Creating a baked version of the addictive polenta fries Chef Matt serves up at Providence’s La Laiterie. Click here to see 8 Easy Vegetarian Dishes.
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