Top Rated Arctic Char Recipes

Fish en Papillote with Mushroom Duxelles and Tomato Concassé
Steaming fish in sealed parchment paper is a classic preparation. But this old-school dish always looks impressive when brought to the table, the parchment is torn open, and beneath the steam, the main attraction makes its entrance. It’s actually a really quick, easy, and even healthy preparation. Click here to see 'Shrooms: They're What's for Dinner Tonight.
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Seared Arctic Char
Sweet, tart Bing cherries are a natural pairing with lamb. To give the meat a kick of salt but keep things interesting, I went with miso for seasoning.Arctic char is a sustainable choice, and it is also amazingly delicate yet rich at the same time. It’s becoming easier to find, so keep your eyes out for it. It’s a close cousin to both salmon and trout, and either of those would work nicely here if you can’t find char. All have really nice, thin skin that is delicious when crisped up. I always see people in restaurants push off the skin to the side of the plate, but if it’s cooked right, it’s the fish equivalent of bacon. Give it a try — you might just be a fish-skin fan after all.Click here to see What Fish Should You Be Eating Now for Flavor, Health, and Environment.
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