Best Local Stores For Gift Baskets In New York City

Best Local Stores For Gift Baskets In New York City


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Your coworkers, your cousins who you only see once a year, your superintendent, your doorman – there are so many people to find holiday presents for. For the people you only kind of know, it can be hard to find the right gift. That’s when the gift basket comes in. Whether filled with fruit, bread, desserts, cooking utensils or items for the home, this basket of goodies is the perfect gift that even you wouldn’t mind receiving. Here’s where to find the best gift baskets in New York City.

Chelsea Market Baskets
75 Ninth Ave.
New York, NY 10011
(888) 727-7887

Inside the world-famous Chelsea Markets is a little shop entirely devoted to gift baskets – and all of the items are taken from the rich resources of Chelsea Market itself and beyond. Basket themes focus on spa, baby, fruit, cocktail, gourmet snacks and epicurean, but the best theme for holiday gift-giving is New York. Gift boxes include the best tastes of New York City, plus Big Apple-themed souvenirs. Black and white cookies from Chris’ Cookies, Nathan Pyle’s “NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette” cartoon book, McClure’s bloody mary mix, a vintage New York notebook and Sarabeth’s lemon poppy seed cake are just a few of the goodies you might find in a basket.

Bedford Cheese Shop
229 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 599-7588

If you’re looking for something a little more quirky but tasty at the same time, the Bedford Cheese Shop has some of the best gift baskets you’ll find anywhere. Ranging in price from $35 to over $200, gift baskets include a wide variety of items like the shop’s famous cheese, plus items like jam, salami, pickles, candy bars, smoked salmon, crackers and more. Gift baskets are themed (The Fishmonger, The Meat Lover, The Vermonter, the Brooklyn Bag). If you choose the simple cheese basket, you can make-your-own and add items like a jar of mustard or a bar of chocolate. Cheeses can also be chosen by region.

200 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10010
(212) 229-2560

Eataly’s love of food rubs off not only on its employees but on its consumers as well. Everything Eataly makes is with only the best ingredients, and pricing is generally acceptable in New York. From Eataly, you can purchase pasta, wine and sweets-themed gift baskets, but for a wide range of the best the company has to offer, check out the “Ultimate Eataly” basket. Balsamic vinegar, saffron, chocolates and white truffle puree are just some of the Italian goodies in this gift that will ensure your doorman will be opening your door for you well before you arrive every day.

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Sherry-Lehmann Wine and Spirits
505 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10022
(212) 838-7500

Really, what better gift basket is there than one filled with bottles of wine? Sherry-Lehmann is the high-end wine retailer in the city that houses a good number of spirits for your special occasion. The shop’s gift baskets range in size and price, anywhere from one bottle of rose with two wine glasses for $95 to a three-bottle selection of Prosecco for $64 to a 10-bottle selection of champagne for $465. Whatever you decide to gift, the recipient will surely love the contents (and might even share a drop or two if you’re lucky).

Green Spa
8804 Third Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 921-6100

For the woman who needs a day to herself, a spa gift basket is the perfect at-home getaway. Green Spa was named one of the top 10 spas this year by Gothamist Magazine, and with good reason. Its gift sets are affordable and filled with calming, restorative and organic beauty items. Highlights of the collection include blueberry-infused organic skincare, apricot nourishing cream, tomato oil-free gel, Chocoholicks lip gloss, teas, bath salts, scented candles and more.

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