The Best of Burger Bar Logos, 2016

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The Best of Burger Bar Logos, 2016

Spending time checking out burger bars, I’m often struck by the creativity of not only the burgers but also the logos for many of these establishments. Some are no-nonsense and a few are nonsensical, but the graphics for many of them are eye-catching, entertaining and impressive. Every so often I’ve done a round up of burger-bar logos. They’ve been well received, telling me my admiration of the artistry is shared. Enjoy.

toughburger_boulogne2Tough Burger, Boulogne, France
Striking. Ideally, the burgers are edible.

meatinc_lincolnshireMeat Inc. Burger House, Caenby Corner, England
Nice burger graphic plus the great “Prime and Proper” line that would have been a great name itself.

burgerculture_quezoncityphilBurger Culture, Quezon City, Philippines
Elegant, like it’s just come from a draftsman’s table.

grazing-shed_cardiffwales2Grazing Shed, Cardiff, Wales
The graphics are cute but “Super Tidy Burgers” (trademarked, no less) is a hoot. I’ll have one, thanks.

notre-boefdegrace_logoNotre Boeuf de Grâce, Montreal
Simple, elegant, memorable.


Butcher Burgers, Westfield, N.J.
Great graphic that says top-quality meat in its burgers.

burgersnbrews_santamonicaBurgers N Brews, Santa Monica, Calif.
Burgers and brews and even drippy toppings.

bullldog-burger-coBulldog Burger Co., Starkville, Miss.
It may not say “burger” but it has a canine charm to it.

farmburgermeat_culicanmexicoFarm Burger Meat Barn, Culiacán, Mexico
The name’s better than the logo—I love “meat barn” as a synonym for burger joint—but the cow’s stylish, too.

goneburger_ukGoneBurger, London
There’s a bit of “Eat at your own risk” to this logo, but it’s distinctive!

burger-nco_toulouseBurger ‘N Co., Toulouse, France
Delightful comic-book graphics from the country that loves Jerry Lewis.

burgercity_lahti-finlandBurger City, Lahti, Finland
With the logo’s red, white and blue and stars, Lahti, Finland, isn’t where you would think you’d find Burger City.