Bell's Diner

Diner, Korean, Breakfast
2167 W Stadium Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 995-0226



  • All about that spicey chicken!
  • Everything here is good, but if you're getting Korean food here, you have _got_ to try their Kim Chi. It's made with cucumbers and onions, instead of cabbage, and it's phenomenal.
  • Bi bim bop here is lovely!
  • Where else can you get delicious Korean food at 6:30 A.M.?
  • Bi bim bap all the way. Don't forget to smother it in hot sauce.
  • Spicy chicken (Dok Bok Kum) is my favorite--choose your spice level and go with brown rice. Ask for homemade kim chee too--it's free!!!
  • Fresh homemade kim chee is a must. The spicy chicken is great with brown rice.
  • Have bibimbop at Bell's Diner. It's the best!
  • Bi Bim Bob. Thats all yalls need to know.
  • Love their Bulgogi
  • Go for the Korean food! The diner food is just ok, but the bi bim bap is great!
  • Seats 8 easily, but we had 13, and that was too many for the space. Unusual combination of diner and Korean food meant that no one went hungry. Busy for lunch so get there early to reserve the spot.
  • Spicy pork Bento box
  • All the Korean dishes are fantastic, and prices are decent.
  • Don't be put off by the smell of Korean cooking...there are plenty of American specialties here, too (and the Korean specialties are amazing)!
  • Awesome be bim bop!!! Bulgogi is yummy too!
  • Terrible service, and they overcharged. Too bad, 'cause the food was great.
  • The breakfast is mediocre standard diner fare so even if you're there at 6:30 am, order one of the Korean dishes instead.
  • Bi bim bop is always a must. Get the kim chee, too!
  • Bi bim bop is always a winner!

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