BBC (Bottle, Boots, & Cigars)

Cocktail, Whisky Bar
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  • My favorite cocktail spot, possibly in the whole world. Tiny spot, easy to menu, every creation is unique: lynch is my man, you know quality work when you see this man perform his art
  • Tiny place with a charismatic owner and good drinks (sometimes DIY).
  • Perfect menuless cocktail bar serving the finest cocktails in Beijing. It's a bold statement to make but one this venue deserves.
  • Cocktails custom made per your taste
  • Favorite cocktail bar in Beijing! The owner knows his drinks!
  • Wanted so bad to like this place. Drinks made on demand; no menu. bartenders are hanging on the stoop so you might miss it thinking it's the worker area for bar next door. Place could fit maybe 6 ppl.
  • Amazing cocktails. I had the first perfect gimlet in months and my boyfriend had a rum old fashioned. Really interesting spirit selection.
  • Amazing cocktails