Number One Fifth Avenue

Row 1

3845 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 299-1911

Foursquare Tips

  • 1 bartender here?!? FML
  • Monday-Thursday nights you can experience the best bartender, Ed. He makes comfortable. Best chill bar nights!!
  • Great place to kick back and relax!! Strong drinks :)
  • Ed is the best bartender in San Diego!
  • no longer cash only.
  • Vodka Poms! They are one of the few people who have POM on hand :D
  • Ed is all sorts of amazing.
  • My fav dive bar in Central Hillcrest. Cheap Strong Drinks. Great Patio, and awesome owner, Cheap Strong Drinks, definately worth repeating, Do not miss the X-mas Decorations, there to die for.
  • Pictionarty on wed. Its for a good cause!
  • They take cards now
  • I want to meet Ed :)
  • They take cards here now so don't worry. Theres also no minimum which is a lot easier going than most bars around here.
  • $3 beer of the month.
  • Ambiance and good times.
  • Divey but fun. Outdoor patio. Nice servers.
  • Nice little dive bar that has an open space all the way in the back.
  • Strong drinks with a great patio! A little dive bar ish but a Good place to meetup with the gang.
  • They are in no rush to get you a beer, be patient.
  • One of the friendliest bars in the area.
  • Pictionary on wednesday nights is tons of fun. And.. And.. It is for a good cause!!!

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