The Max Canada

243 W Washington St
Athens, GA 30601
(706) 543-6666



  • Things can happen here.
  • Get a Pabst!!
  • Reaaaallllllly big. Not sure that's a good thing.
  • treat yourself to some chilly barenjager!
  • Best patio in Athens.
  • Great patio. Huge area. Bring your pup and a large group of friends... lots of room. Not a college kid crowd. More local townies..
  • Be sure to watch out for Canadian Mr. Belding running in and shouting "Eh, eh, eh! What's going on here!?"
  • Bring a lot of cigarettes, there's a lot of needy folks here.
  • Official beer of the Patio!!! Pabst Blue Ribbon!
  • Perfect patio.
  • The patio and pool tables are the best!!! Don't forget to visit Shelby in the new section & tip well!!!!!
  • Cheapest beer in town!
  • Avoid Laggis, he's got a huge dick, true story. #LifeTimeChannel
  • Best late night bar in Athens
  • Try Cayrum, its a dark rum aged 3 years and then infused with all natural ginger and honey. Its great as a chilled shot, on the rocks, ginger ale/beer, juices or Red Bull. Theres nothing like it!
  • worst foosball table in athens. 1 ball for 75c.
  • Check out the new photo booth for cute drunk pictures
  • The only air hockey table in town!!

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