Barnes & Noble

Bookstore, Coffee Shop
Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 854-4200


  • Love that fresh coffee smell that always hits you as soon as you walk in the doors.
  • It's impossible to find anything of any substance in this building- stick to Amazon & stay home.
  • They don't have enough outlets here...sigh
  • I love the new Lego center and Lego kits!
  • Great place foe kid gifts!
  • They seem to be doing a major reorganization of the store.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis loves this place!
  • Don't come here for books anymore. Seems to be more games and toys and crap than books. Thank goodness for Amazon.
  • Good luck trying to connect to the net with yur iPad
  • You can go online and have them have your book ready for you when you arrive. Of course it's always nice to browes.
  • For educators, they've got a wide range of resources, class decorations, and books on teaching that are pretty reasonably priced!
  • Starbucks inside. Lifesaver.
  • The cheesecake in the cafe is rich, heavenly, and worth every penny! Impress your date with great taste!
  • EXPENSIVE!!!!!!
  • Like 3 outlets in the whole place. Internet is kind of shotty. Always pretty crowded if you are looking to study or grab a table.
  • They keep changing the layout of the store. It's getting annoying!
  • Sad photo book selection.
  • nice place for families with young kids...close to toy store Carter's, Osh Kosh and old navy
  • Pick up books
  • Overpriced and understaffed. 1 register open and a line a mile long.

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