Barnes & Noble

Bookstore, Coffee Shop
Athens, GA 30606
(706) 354-1195


  • People, it's not fair to spend hours at the coffee section without buying a single Barnes and Noble item or drink/snack. Support the store.
  • The cafe staff wins. Love them. Be kind to them.
  • There is no Starbucks. It is a Barnes&Noble caf that serves Starbucks coffee. No obligation to accept Starbucks cards/coupons/discounts.
  • Bus your own tables in the cafe. Trash goes into the trashcan (bizarre concept, I know) and plates can be placed on top. And if you feel like being extra awesome push in your chairs. Easy peasy.
  • Kid's story time 11 am Wednesday and Saturday. Stories, craft & a snack! My kids love it!
  • Treat yourself to a venti Godiva hot chocolate! Shhh!!! It is not on the menu anymore, but I talked them into bringing it back just for us! Need a boost? Then add espresso too!
  • Great Hangout for intellectual hotties.
  • Does not open till 10:00 on Sunday and it is a week before Christmas .
  • This Barnes & Noble store is also an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot. Curl up with your Nook and connect with AT&T Wi-Fi.
  • This cafe can't take Starbucks gift cards or coupons, but they CAN accept B&N cards. Pretty awesome. =)
  • The chocolate peanut butter cup cookie is pretty much the bomb dot com. Just sayin'. You won't be disappointed!
  • Visit B&N; seek out price deals
  • There is a Starbucks here, but it's not a true one. You can't use a Starbucks card here. They accept B&N cards instead

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