BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

Opera House
30 Lafayette Ave (btwn Ashland Pl & St Felix St)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 634-4100


  • Mezzanine or Balcony seat? Sit back in your seat like a proper homo sapiens. Sightlines here are such that the idiots who hunch forward like apes totally block the view of everyone behind them.
  • Did you know BAM won a Village Voice Obie Award forAs You Like It in 2010? Can't wait for this year's ceremony!
  • Become a member, and you'll have better seats or first crack with the tickets
  • Coolest opera house I've been to. In general shows at BAM are half the price and twice as good as most things in manhattan. Get more BAM for your buck
  • Wearing a hat? Consider taking it off for the performance.
  • If you're in the nosebleeds, elective amputation may let you fit in the seats better.
  • If sitting in left or right balcony bring a sweater/scarf....the A/c vents are blasting to keep the whole place warm. Even the men in front of me had jackets on with hoods up!
  • Beautiful space and the Anthony Bourdain standup was fabulous
  • Weird performance
  • The film membership for two is a great deal. See all the first release films with a guest all year.
  • If seeing a foreign language opera, avoid sitting on the outside seats of the 4th and 5th orchestra rows... You will not be able to see the translation screen!
  • Looking forward to seeing Misty Copeland in The Nutcracker next week.
  • Be careful when buying tickets. There is the front row A, which is very close to the orchestra, but sometimes they add even more rows closer, CC, BB, and AA, in increasing closeness to the orchestra!
  • A few shows have been quite good. Nice views to stage too.
  • wonderful place for concerts... Great sound ..balcony seats however are Treacherous!!! Absolutely a danger ... no railings with the possibility of completely killing yourselves falling over
  • Dance shows
  • Get there early to find parking.
  • What a beautiful performance art centre, in Brooklyn. Gorgeous architecture and live music cafe upstairs.
  • Great little theatre.
  • Beautiful opera house. Saw wordless music here and the sound was incredible.

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