Baltimore Harbor

Harbor / Marina
Baltimore, MD 21202


  • It is beautiful here with awesome view. There is so much in this area to see n do. Its a must come n do often. Love it here
  • Awesome place to visit a lot of things to do
  • So peaceful here its a must experience!
  • Nice view.
  • The Inner Harbor is cold in December.
  • If you're headed to the Aquarium, buy your tix online first. There's limited admittance and if you don't purchase a ticket online, where you can choose your time, you will have a long wait!
  • Beautiful Harbor
  • Bubba gumb is nice..
  • Walk the water front and see the Fort.
  • It's like a big city in a mini version. Have everything fun at your fingertips. Must visit. Two days be good for the whole city.
  • Baltimore Inner Harbour :)
  • Best seen from helicopter
  • Cool place, hot under the sun its better to walk around 6, fun walking around its huge and full of restaurants and stores
  • Comfortable, peaceful and historic location. Its nice to walk around after meals.
  • Lots to do and see. I especially like the Fudgery (which may not be open anymore) and Phillips Seafood and Bun Penny
  • Gorgeous. Don't feed the ducks! Walk along the entire harbor to get all the sights in.
  • Very touristy step back a few streets to find the not-so-touristy
  • Harbor is very nice! Lots to do!
  • Good scenery lots of stuff to do
  • The only area worth seeing in Baltimore, and the only one where you might possibly not be killed

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