Backstreets Pub & Grill

Dive Bar
102 Earle St
Clemson, SC 29631


  • Extremely rude manager or owner...very abusive and not a great place in my opinion.
  • Would not recommend. Bartenders are rude and the service is incredibly slow.
  • Rude ownership/managers, don't patronize!
  • Horrible, horrible place. PLEASE go some place else.
  • AWFUL place.. The most awful place in town hands down.. Yuck. Don't waste your time!
  • It is one's right as an owner to not authorize firearms in your establishment as is another right to state your opinion. Sadly it's also your right to do something as stupid as insult patrions.
  • Ate here once before and got so so food. Now that I know the owner thinks so highly of himself and less of his customers, I think I will go somewhere else.
  • Waste of time and money! McDonald's has better wings and better service. Dirtiest bathrooms I have been in since visiting a Mexican gas station in the nineties.
  • Worst place in the entire state. Stay away!
  • This cannot be the only bar in Clemson Try Nicks, Tiger Town or Sloan Street instead. Support business with manners and intelligence.
  • Slow service, food was greasy and tasted fresh out of the microwave, drinks were under poured. Would NOT recommend.
  • Dive bar indeed. Very rude. Poor service!
  • Terrible place! Stay away!
  • Horrible place suprized they are still in business
  • horrible in every aspect.
  • Food SUCKS and they love to insult customers..
  • Do not go here! Terrible and the owner is not someone you should ever want to see profit. Stay away and find some other near by places that will welcome your business.
  • Garbage. Stay away! Food was cold and beer was skunky. Pretty much a dive bar full off undesirables.
  • Tuesday nights this is the place to be!
  • Food was overpriced and super greasy. I won't be coming back.

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