Art Museum Steps

2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy (at Kelly Dr)
Philadelphia, PA 19130


  • Downloaded the theme song on my phone and had it playing as we ran up the stairs. So fun!
  • If rocky didn't run up the stairs I don't think anyone would now
  • Don't miss the opportunity to run up the Rocky Stairs in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, immortalized by Sylvester Stallone in the movie "Rocky."
  • Yes people do run up the stairs all day long. Some even have the theme song playing on a radio. Rocky statue is to the bottom right when facing the Museum.
  • Find the bronze Converse sneaker prints, that's where you want your picture taken.
  • You can take a cool picture of the back of the Rocky statue from about halfway up the staircase.
  • Stop and take a picture of the "Rocky Statue." Then start your run up the Rocky Steps; 72 stone steps before the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art with a beautiful view of center city.
  • De l de cima tem-se uma vista linda da Philadelphia. No se esquea de tirar a clssica foto subindo as escadas como Rocky!
  • Run the steps. It's worth it.
  • You can get the phlash bus to center city for 2$ and if you smile at the driver he'll let the child on for free
  • Lots of fun here for the summer. They have movie nite, jazz nite , chess, ping pong and food trucks Come out and enjoy!
  • Go stand in Rocky's footprints at the top of the stairs, for a beathtaking view of the city.
  • Run up the Art Museum Steps like Rocky.
  • Yes you will run up the steps, yes you will raise your arms aloft. No, you will not be alone or feel silly. Sly's sneaker feet smaller than I thought though (UK size 9 / 10?). ;)
  • Run Rocky run .... (Sorry, wrong movie)
  • *Those stairs
  • You have to go even if you are not into Rocky because of the amazing view you have from here down Benjamin Franklin Parkway!
  • Predrinkin
  • Since the statue is no longer at the top of the stairs it's a bit anti-climatic. Yo Adrian!!
  • Beware of the plankers while trying to run up the steps!

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