AMC Orange Park 24

Row 1

1910 Wells Road (at Orange Park Mall)
Orange Park, FL 32073
(904) 264-5071

Foursquare Tips

  • If you don't have a Stubs card, get one. It is worth it. The discounts and Stubs cash pays for the membership.
  • They have a bar here. WOW!!
  • Stubs card is not a rip off...... Just saved 10 dollar with my lady at the concession stand
  • They have a full bar!!!
  • get there early for good seats then go get the snacks
  • Movies are no longer $5 before 12 on weekends. It now costs $6 before 12. They went up a dollar for the summer, I guess.
  • Brought my five year old to Madagasgar, they played MagicMike to a theatre full of children.. Quite the foul up. We Left.
  • Get a Stubs card and get rewards on snacks and no fees when ordering tickets online.
  • Clash of the Titans is better in 2D
  • If you love watching movies in the theater, be sure to pick up a Stubs Reward card!! It will pay for itself in no time!
  • Don't get a stubs card, it's a rip off!!!
  • Sit in the very back at the top in the middle for the best view :D
  • popcorn is buttery!
  • Use your stubs card as often as possible for discounts & more for $12/yr
  • $5.14 ticket Tuesday's! Stubs members get a.m. prices on movies all day Tuesdays. BOX OFFICE PURCHASES ONLY; not available online.
  • No ATM, only takes credit.
  • Man, the prices make you think your entering through customs or something. #luxurytax
  • Trashy theater don't waste your money. Lots of unsupervised, rude, and obnoxious kids running around. Parents use it as a day care. TWO THUMBS DOWN. DON'T WASTE THE MONEY HERE.
  • It's real in these streets. Get a stubs card
  • Get there before 11 on Saturday just $5 a head