AMC Mazza Gallerie

Movie Theater, Cineplex
5300 Wisconsin Ave NW (at Western Ave NW)
Washington, DC 20015
(202) 537-9551


  • Special Movie Screenings....
  • They check for ID when the movies are near the bar and rated R. You get free parking of movie is theater 6 &7 (near bar) if over 21. And you can bring you drinks in the theater.
  • They validate parking for 3hrs for $2. Anything longer than that it jumps to $12
  • Sit in the back. The front row is for suckers.
  • Movies are $6 before noon!
  • Purchase the Club Cinema tickets to enjoy comfortable leather seats, free parking and a selection of alcoholic beverages.
  • Good movie theater to see opening weekend flicks...rarely is it crowded.
  • If you run into any issues while you're at AMC Mazza Gallerie - go see Hailu (the manager). He'll take great care of you. He's been there for years - and he's awesome.
  • By far the easiest multiplex to get to from AU -- either one stop up the red line or a ten minute ride on the N6.
  • I'm really loving the seats and wondering why we went to Gallery Place instead if here EVER
  • Get here super early if you want to find two seats together. Don't bother with their excessively priced snacks/drinks. GREEDGREEDGREEDGREEDGREEDGREEDGREED
  • Opt for matinees and save a bundle
  • This theatre is too hot
  • Chicken tenders/ranch dressing and a large fruit punch!!
  • Comfortable seats, easy metro access (Friendship Heights), and parking below. Pay for parking at the elevator before you leave; they no longer do cash. Lines leaving garage can be long.
  • There's a bar here.
  • GREAT PLACE FOR A MOVIE...The Accountant
  • selesa lah tempat duduk camni
  • tempat duduk licin kat sini
  • Logistically, this place is such a nightmare it's almost funny. Long lines all over the lobby, impossible to tell which line is for what. Pretty sure the parking garage is actually hell.

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