AMC Dine-In Theatres Marina 6

Movie Theater, Cineplex
13455 Maxella Ave Ste 270 (at Glencoe Ave)
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 827-7955


  • I will never go to a regular theater again.
  • Sign up for amc stubs program. You can pre buy tickets and reserve your seats. With stubs membership they waive service fee. In seat dining, alcohol, reclining leather seats and no kids. worth it.
  • Totally disorganized. Sold us seats for wrong showtime, had to chase down manager, ended up driving across town to see our movie. Oh, and it smells sour--like Chuck-E-Cheese--after less than a month.
  • I only go here if all other options are sold out. Older seats are uncomfortable -- could really use a renovation.
  • No kids allowed! 21+ movies with booze. Amazing.
  • It's not so bad. The seats are kicking it old school. Not stadium seating but like theatres used to be. Large and spread out in some stadiums.
  • Here's a tip: don't go here.
  • This place is my Disneyworld. About 50 seats per theater, giant red leather plush couches that recline way back, press a button at any pt & waiter comes to take ur order from a full TGIF-like menu.
  • Outstanding movie theater in Marina Del Rey! Great reclining seats, great dining service 21+ only. What's not to like.
  • It's been 2 months since it opened and kinks are worked out. Great recliner seats, good food, beer on tap. For the same price as a regular theater and HALF off the overhyped Gold class in Pasadena.
  • The menu is really good. And the chairs are amazing - soft and big with a pull up foot rest!
  • Seats suck, but the screen looks fine and it's nice to watch a film without hordes of teenagers making noise
  • Surprisingly comfortable and spacious, the AMC Dine-In experience caters to your culinary needs while maintaining a discreet distance out of respect for cinephiles.
  • This is a 21+ and over theatre and they card.
  • Badass place!! If u don't know then u dont know!
  • Have the pizza with pepperoni :P Davis is a great server.
  • BEST coziest dine-in experience...just throw Bradley Cooper on top ;)
  • Best. Theater. In. LA.
  • Ipic in Pasadena is the best w/finer fare, but pricey. Same with Cinepolis in Thousand Oaks. But this place is much cheaper and the menu is more extensive. Try the waffle w, bacon ice cream. So good.
  • Love this place!

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