2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe

2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe

2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe

If the Victoria’s Secret models, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models, Rihanna, George Clooney, Usher and a couple of your favorite Super Heros all got together to make a baby….and that baby was a car….Jaguar’s F-Type would be that baby.

A new design in ’14, Jag has absolutely nailed the F-Type judging by the comments I got from countless passers-by, Guys would roll down their windows to talk. Women stopped me at the grocery store. Don’t expect to drive an F-Type and stay under the radar.

The F-Type is so clean, taut and well-proportioned that when you see other cars, you just say to yourself, “What were they thinking”………?

And “looks” are just half of the story. This Jag runs….and handles. I’ll tell ya’ just how fast in just a minute.

The F-Type is Jag’s new little 2-seat sports car. No ”fake” seats in the back…just room for two….and a two people’s worth of luggage in the hatch.

F-Types come in hardtop coupe as well as convertible versions. The entry-level F-Type coupe starts at $69,925 with destination charges…with the soft-top running $4,000 more. That’ll get you a 340 HP supercharged 3.0 liter V-6 running through an 8-speed automatic.

We tested an Type S, rated at 380 HP….with a top-end of 171 MPH….yet still getting 19 city / 27 highway MPG’s. Premium, of course.

The Type S runs a good 12K more than the base, but gets you the extra 40 HP, a sport suspension, 19” alloys, limited-slip rear-end, a spoiler that deploys over 60 mph, and quite a bit more. This supercharged six starts with a snarl…and the exhaust pops and crackles just like a race car when you punch it hard then let off. It’s a beautiful noise.

Now…..if that’s not enough for you, Go for the Type R. Supercharged 5.0 liter V-8….550 HP…20” alloys….186 mph top end….and you can drive it home for somewhere around an even 100K. The 8 has it over the six for sheer power, but the six should be a bit more nibble and tossable due to it’s lighter weight.

As a driver, you’ll enjoy the Jag F Type S’ connection to the road….the meaty, heated, leather-covered wheel and its firm suspension. Your passenger, tho’, might best be on the young and good-natured side, as they’ll likely be tossed around a bit due to your “adventurous” driving. Hey…you do what you’ve gotta’ do, right?

As an alternative to some perhaps better known nameplates, the Jaguar F Type S is unlikely to ever leave you wondering “Why did I buy this?”

You’ll know!