Yogo Truck

Food Truck, Desserts, Yogurt
New York, NY
(718) 833-2992


  • Save yourself some time and don't go here. I waited 45 minutes for one panini. They are understaffed and very poorly trained. Customer service is also not their strong point. Go to arbuz instead.
  • Better than Pinkberry. Get a tart with strawberries (they slice em).
  • Tasted more like ice cream than yogurt.. But not too sweet :)
  • The tart yogurt with sliced strawberries and chocolate chips is the ideal summer treat. Look for them around Union Square!
  • I have YoGo all the time in manhattan so I know what it's supposed I taste like, this guy is serving soft serve ice cream NOT frozen yogurt. It's delicious but not healthy!
  • Dark choco chips are too big and not as tasty as Red Mango's Ghirardelli chips. I wish the limited number of toppings were at least more novel or organic.
  • top with coconut and blueberries. crazy delicious.
  • woooooo closed down!!! hopefully they put something else here that wont be so disappointing!
  • Crepe with nutella + strawberries = the closest you can get to heaven while still being alive.
  • Friendliest guy! Delicious yogo.
  • 2 flavors perfect taste
  • Tart froyo with strawberries and almonds ftw!
  • Vanilla + blueberries + raspberries = heaven.
  • So perfect on this uber hot day!!
  • Tart with honey and granola. Amazing.
  • I check-in to food trucks but often do not get it added to my points b/c it throws up a false location
  • Tart fro-yo tastes like Greek yogurt - yum! A little pricey at $6 for a regular w 1-topping but a healthy afternoon treat

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