Woori Market

Row 1

333 S. Alameda St. #100 Los Angeles, CA (at 3rd St)
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 617-0030

Foursquare Tips

  • Free parking when you show your receipt.
  • Come in around 7-9pm and go to the back section for 50% off marinated beef, rice cakes, fish cakes, kimbap and more! Super cheap and can definitely feed families.
  • Double check to see if your Japanese favorites are actually identically rebranded Korean products!
  • Awesome Japanese market with an amazing seafood department
  • I find it bizarre that they have a huge assortment of Ben+Jerry's ice cream - Red Velvet FTW!
  • 2 hour free parking with validation!
  • 20 eggs for $2.99
  • New ownership, same store. it is called Little Tokyo Galleria now
  • Looks like no more quick lunch stops for me. They've revoked 1hr free parking, even with validation must have minimum
  • If you have a pet reptile that eats whole quail eggs, get them here, way back in the right corner, between the live octopus and the veggie section.
  • Love the selection of yummy food and the convenient free parking.
  • The older Korean man who collects the shopping carts in the parking lot is on it! Everyday he be hustlin!!
  • My favorite Korean + Japanese market
  • New Woori Optical - designer frames for sale!
  • If you're a big boring white dude from a small city that thinks this place has nothing for him, just take a gander at the $1.49-$1.99 ground beef. Been getting it for months.
  • Buy a Salmon at the fish market, they will cut it sashimi style
  • they validate parking for 2 hours! i come here for a quick lunch sometimes. they have ramen, japanese curry, udon, and more.
  • Great produce and fresh fish!
  • Went for opening week. Clean and great prices. Best place to park is follow the exit sign until you almost get to the booth-- usually some great places to park right by the passage that leads you to t
  • It really is true that Asian people don't need to shave (coming from a hoppa). They have no razors!

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