WinCo Foods

Supermarket, Grocery Store
110 E Myrtle St
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 424-1634


  • Move your cart out of the way
  • Pro tip: Come here when no one else is here...
  • I will refuse to use the self checkout
  • Avoid doing your food shopping on the first of the month if you are in a rush since winco accepts food stamps and the lines can get long!
  • Don't lift the lid on the honey dispenser. There are live bees in there.
  • Avoid on the first of the month. Food stamp day means the checkout lines are a mile long.
  • If you're so bent out of shape about their policy re: reusable bags then do everyone a favor, stop bitching and use paper.
  • Pick up a few extra non-perishable food items to donate to Boise Rescue Mission. Also, our meal coupons are a great thing to hand out to panhandlers on the corners. We'll feed, clothe, & house them!
  • I refuse to use anything but the self checkout. Suck it humans!
  • Great bulk foods section!!
  • if you need a quick lunch, visit the deli for super cheap subs and sandwiches. also the orange chicken and general tso's chicken is awesome. just grab it cold!
  • These guys totally let you use reusable bags, they even sold their own for a while
  • You bag your own groceries and save tons of money shopping here!
  • The vebetables are really fresh.
  • Heading in to go shopping - Find out what the coupon matchups are going on right now -
  • Always the best prices for groceries. Usually not very high quality produce though.
  • not sure you can beat the pay per OZ items.
  • Great bulk section!
  • Fantastically fast & easy w/their self check-out! And always someone right there to help the store for the little guy it could hope for!
  • Snapple $4.78 all February

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