Will All-Day McBreakfast Go Full Menu?

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Will All-Day McBreakfast Go Full Menu?

[Update: The McD_Triad tweets referenced below now have been taken down and disowned. Don’t stay tuned for expansion any time soon.]

Does McDonald’s intend to expand its all-day breakfast menu beyond the nine food items originally included? If so, it’s good news for every McGriddles fan who felt disenfranchised by that product’s exclusion from all-day availability.

The question arises because McDonald’s Triad co-op in central North Carolina has been responding to tweets about breakfast with the assurance, “We have plans to offer full b’fast items in the future!”


We do? A corporate spokesperson dashed the McGriddles fans’ hopes again, saying no national plan to expand to a full, all-day breakfast menu has been set and that any such expansion would be purely a local market initiative at this point.

The full breakfast menu at units within the Triad co-op currently includes a Tender Pork & Gravy Biscuit, an item McDonald’s has offered as an LTO in a few markets over the past several years.

All-day breakfast is finding its audience. Citing data from NPD Group, the Wall Street Journal reports that “one-third of customers who bought breakfast at McDonald’s beyond the traditional breakfast hours hadn’t visited McDonald’s at all in the month before the company’s all-day breakfast launch.”

NPD says breakfast is providing incremental sales: “Among consumers purchasing breakfast foods at McDonald’s during lunch hours, 61% of their receipts also included non-breakfast items, which contributed to a bump in average check size.”


A McDonald’s co-op that is taking charge of its menu is Pleumeleuc in France’s Brittany region. It has enhanced its line of double-patty signature burgers not on the French menu nationally. New are the Beef BBQ Burger and Chicken BBQ Burger. They join the Blue Cheese & Bacon and Spicy Ranch burgers tested a year ago, according to the Burger Lad site.


First kale, now quinoa. McDonald’s Italy’s new Festive Supreme holiday burger has a quinoa-enhanced bun, mushrooms, lettuce and Raclette cheese. The companion Festive Deluxe burger has Brie cheese, lettuce and bacon on a multi-grain bun.

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