What Type of Coffee Are You?

What Type of Coffee Are You?
From fandm.spoonuniversity.com, by Mikey Addady

Photo by Abby Reisinger

  1. How often do you cook?
  2. When I'm low on cash and need to stay in
    More than 4 times a week
    What is cooking?
    When I've just finished watching Food Network and feel inspired
    When my friends are coming over

  3. How often do you get hungry?
  4. Every 3-4 hours
    Every 6-7 hours
    When am I NOT hungry?
    I think about eating when I am eating
    I'm so busy I forget I'm even hungry
    If someone offered me food, I'd eat it

  5. My opinion on fried food is...
  6. It tastes okay I guess...
    It's heavenly but unhealthy but I don't care
    It's the best thing invented
    It's gross
    It's heavenly but unhealthy
    Food is food and I will eat anything

  7. I would pair seafood with...
  8. More seafood
    Red Wine
    White wine

  9. If you could pick one food to eat forever, what would it be?
  10. Avocadoes
    Coffee. It's a drink and a food group rolled into one.
    Fried Chicken
    Does Chipotle count?
    Turkey. Or Chili corn-dogs. Or Turkey.

  11. Be honest, do you know the difference between a cookie that is regular, gluten free or vegan?
  12. Is this even a question?
    Sort of
    Nope and I don't really care
    Cookies can be vegan?!
    Well, duh!

  13. Your idea of a perfect first date spot would be at...
  14. A homemade picnic by the beach
    A trendy sushi bar
    A new spot with a cajun filled menu
    A cute farmer's market
    A home-cooked dinner with no roommates in sight
    A cool eatery near campus


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