Supermarket, Grocery Store
6416 Carlisle Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
(717) 791-4500



  • In the world of ridiculous alcohol laws representing PA this place actually sells beer. :)
  • Create your list at Wegmans.com, download the Wegmans app & check off your list (automatically in store aisle order) on your smart phone. Love it!
  • Be prepared to spend time here. It's like a time warp ... You walk in and emerge from the food-Disneyland about 4 hours later. It's an amazing grocery shopping experience like none other.
  • Guaranteed that ten people will always be standing right in front of that one thing you need. Great selection though, the produce rocks and the kabobs are awesome!
  • The bathroom here is very cool.
  • Best sushi. Try the spicy shrimp roll
  • You can purchase wine behind produce from a kiosk. It amazes me because I'm in PA. This place is basically one step above prohibition.
  • It's a great place to buy imported and specialty beers.
  • You can buy six-packs and single bombers of beer in their cafe. They have a good selection of craft beer.
  • Very clean and efficient.
  • While there is an outstanding selection of American beer labels, the selection of "Canadian" labels is lacking, upon reflection perhaps limited to selections with Yankee corporate connections.
  • Check out the child care center they have for kids 3-8! :) kids can play safe while parents shop! (And trust me its 100% safe! I know bc I work in the child care area!) :)
  • Sue says: "The Weganator. This 30-inch pizza could feed an army. Its a conversation piece at best."
  • Their bread is worth driving for. You must try the baguettes.
  • Get the shrimp tempura sushi platter at the sushi bar!!!
  • Looking for a quick & cheap dinner? Check out the $7 meals in the Market Cafe. There are plenty of delicious options that are sure to satisfy your hunger.
  • good sushi. very helpful workers ;)
  • best bathrooms ever!!! toilet seat cleaner and a toilet seat tissue? i feel spoiled!
  • Food samples abound on Saturdays (so do the people)
  • Bakery, prepared food, pizza, produce

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