Weekend Wine: Erasmo Barbera Garnacha 2013

From www.blackdresstraveler.com by Wanda Mann
Weekend Wine: Erasmo Barbera Garnacha 2013

Erasmo Barbera Garnacha

I haven't been invited to any barbecues YET this weekend but I know the perfect red wine to bring: Erasmo Barbera Garnacha 2013 ($15.99). A spicy and vivacious blend of Barbera (70%) and Garnacha (30%), this delicious vino is produced exclusively from grapes grown on their estate in the dry, coastal highlands of Chile's Maule Valley.

If you love bold red wines, Erasmo Barbera Garnacha is one to try: it has big flavors of juicy plums, cassis, and berries with a dash of black pepper. I enjoyed a glass last night with a medium rare steak and it was a perfect match so I know that it will pair brilliantly with anything on the grill - especially steak and ribs. Pizza and pasta would also be great matches. Erasmo Barbera Garnacha is apparently Chile's only blend of the ancient Mediterranean grapes of Barbera and Garnacha and this unique vino is the brainchild of Count Francesco Marone Cinzano, of Col d’Orcia in Montalcino -  Erasmo wine shares the complex yet approachable style of his Italian wines. I've only met the Count once but I can say with confidence that he has fabulous taste in wine! 

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