Walmart Supercenter

Row 1

5110 Jefferson Hwy
Harahan, LA 70123
(504) 733-4923
Big Box Store, Supermarket, Grocery Store
Mon–Sun: 6:00 AM–11:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • The soap dispensers are easy to steal and make your bathroom at home super cool!
  • Bring something to entertain you while you wait in the ridiculously long lines. Pretty sure this isn't how Sam Walton wanted his stores run....smh
  • For your own sanity, go early in the morning.
  • Great place to people watch. They have some interesting characters that shop here. Sometimes it makes you lose faith in the human race.
  • The best place to go if you enjoy unhelpful associates and long lines.
  • Customer service is nonexistent and employees can't read or communicate
  • This is a nightmare
  • The lines are punishment from a vengeful God
  • Worse than the Walmarts on the south side of Chicago. I think most of the photos of are from this Walmart.
  • They are cleaning both women restrooms at the same time. I may need to find a different Walmart from now on.
  • Don't bring your kids.
  • The restrooms are so clean here - NOT! Have fun stepping in a puddle while you hover over the urinal/toilet.
  • Shop here early. Failure tondo so will result in long waits in the checkout lines!
  • Ever need to feel beautiful this is the place to beWalmart in Harahan LA.
  • This Wal*Mart is the worst! Lol...but really you might be better off going to the new one on Vets past Best Buy off I-10.
  • Watch out the parking lot floods in heavy rain
  • Have you ever caught yourself wondering if anything could be worse than getting your testicles smashed by a rubber mallet? If so, wonder no more!
  • The selection of Van Damme movies was terrible, two thumbs way down.
  • It's typical Walmart. Total bullshit. Drive locals out then close depts before the store closes. Not a go yo one stop store, false advertising!!
  • Been waiting for half an hour by the Cologne case and had 3 employees call for someone to open it, still waiting...