Pharmacy, Convenience Store, Photography Lab
1215 W 43rd St
Houston, TX 77018
(713) 956-1827


  • Pharmacy never has enough staff!
  • Third time I've been here today to pick up Rx... seems they can't ever get it right... good thing its not life or death for my Rx
  • Lead shift and managers micromanage everything. Transaction times take 4-5 times longer because they hover over their friendly cashiers.
  • Terrible service in the pharmacy. Management knows but says nothing can be done. Go to Kroger instead.
  • Horrible Pharmacy service in the area for years. The Manager and higher up know about the problem but complain about the pool of people to hire. Says nothing can be done.
  • Even fully staffed this seems to be the slowest Walgreens I've ever been to. I wonder of its the customers or the staff? Good news is my air conditioner works great in the car
  • Be prepared to wait at the pharmacy even if it was called in, filled & waiting for you
  • Easy photo kiosk that instantly prints with great quality

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