Upside Pizza

598 8th Ave (at W 39th St)
New York, NY 10018


  • White mushroom slice
  • Delicious! Best cheap pizza in the area. Sauce is
  • falcowitz slice (mushroom) has fresh lemon zested onto straight out of the oven making it delicious & bright
  • Falcowitz TO Best Pizza 2019
  • Current rating (7.8) is way too low IMO. This is the best slice in the garment district, one of the best in NYC at this price point.
  • Just ok slice of pizza, $3
  • Top rate crispy pizza with simple luscious toppings. The white garlic mushroom and cheese is seriously one of the best pizzas in NYC. The dash of lemon is the secret. Just $4. Friendly staff too.
  • The pizza is always burned. Why do people think this is good quality? Just because you have a camera watching the dough rise at 3am doesn't mean it tastes good.
  • Pan pizza is like eating cheesy bread. Great dough and crunchy crust. If you like bread, you'll love this. Haven't tried their thin crust yet.
  • Best pizza I've found in the Times Square area of the Garment District. Convenient to The Port Authority.
  • Best a in midtown west above 34th street
  • Fashion capital of NYC.
  • Damn good pizza at a wonderful 90s joint!
  • mediocre, expensive pizza
  • Pepperoni slice was amazing
  • Amazing pizza with homemade mozzarella and imported Italian tomatoes.
  • Above average slice shop, but its not in the NYC top tier. Great choice for this part of town though.
  • Grub Street: a dump w/soul and some spectacular, naturally leavened slices, the Fuzzy Dunlop (sausage and pickled peppers), and the Falcowitz (lemon-cream sauce and mushrooms, pictured) in particular