Underground Fake Market (亚太新阳服饰礼品市场)

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2002 Century Ave. (Shanghai Sci & Tech Museum MTR Station, Line 2)
+86 21 6854 2140

Foursquare Tips

  • I developed a free app that will save you time and money if you plan to visit the fake market's in China. You can find it on the google app market for any android phone. shanghaifakemarket.com
  • The key is to walk away. Spend some time negotiating, then leave the store. That's when I did the best.
  • You need to do the walk away trick when bargening, and actually check the other shops for the price, you should have 2 cannot sell for that price from different owners, to be sure about a good price!
  • Kalau penjual kasih harga 1000, tawar aja jadi 100. Kalo dia kasih 100, tawar serendahnya...karena harga yang mereka tawarkan memang tidak sesuai kwalitas barang.
  • Great place for things to use and abuse.... learn to bargain if not get the shanghai fake market app.
  • Basically an underground night market. UGGs 120. Recommend A1-21 for purses and wallets.
  • aka: Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market
  • Best price!
  • Try to find something that u want, u can find it.
  • 1. Tailor made suits, coat, shirts. 2. Bags. 3. Sports wear, shirts, pants. 4. IT accessories 5. Traditional Chinese souvenir and tea. Whatever u can buy everything at here.
  • Shop said RMB1200 in the first....but finally I got it RMB250....super good negotiator ....
  • Unendlich viele Lden , Brillen, Klamotten, Tee, etc. ....Leider sehr aggressive Verhandlungen die nicht immer zu einem gnstigen Preis fhren. Daher manchmal sehr nervig.
  • Enjoy shopping, try to negotiate the discount.
  • Nearby Shanghai science and technology center. U can enjoy shopping with nice nice price. People can speak simple English, no problem but u cannot use credit card.
  • A visitor's must seen!
  • go to place for all your bags/luggage/shoes... fake ones
  • You can enjoy cheap shopping, much better than street shop. Most people can speak English and offer discount. I don't want to teach u the technique of getting more discount....
  • Watch? sunglasses? Wat u need? And they don't even laugh when I say a fake passport!
  • In case you're looking for a nice bag or some cheap shoes/belts, this place will make you happy. They also offer tailored suits.

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