Trini Gul

Row 1

543 Nostrand Ave
New York, NY
(718) 484-4500

Foursquare Tips

  • $5 bake & shark. Ask for extra salad tamarind an hot sauce. Salt fish is only $3.50. $1.25 doubles (chick pea sandwich). Curry rotis are HUGE. trini food rules!
  • Try the doubles ($1). "In addition to tamarind sauce and scotch bonnet-laced pepper sauce, the folks at Trini Gul serve this classic street food with a tangy cucumber chutney and dried mango kuchela."
  • When ordering doubles make sure that you ask for everything, the sauces are the best; especially since they are flavorful and not overly spicy!
  • They charge $1.00 extra for paratha/ buss up shut based on the type of roti u get
  • Bake and Shark. Yum!
  • Extra spicy Trinidadian food. Get the crab, jerk chicken wings, and fried king fish.
  • When you order doubles make sure you get everything! It's delicious :)
  • Me likey: Salt Fish w/ Egg, Bake & Shark, Jerk Chicken w/ Peas & Rice.
  • They went out of biz!!! They had my fav herring bake! Passion fruit drink too!! Ugh!
  • Roti & doubles (w/everything)
  • Good sorrel!
  • Their Roti Dry and BLehhhhh. I do not recommend!!
  • Try the aloo pie or doubles. Also the lamb and jerk chicken are good entrees.
  • Great home cooking!! The doubles are on point and the curry has just the right amount of kick to it!
  • Love duck love crab. Love everything