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The Strangest Fact About Your State

Truly the strangest facts we could find
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The Daily Meal has compiled a list of the strangest fact about every state in the U.S. through research.

In America’s short 242-year history, strange things have happened in our 50 states. Things like weird state-specific events, strange regional monuments, funny official dances and official state bugs, are just some of the strange and wonderful things that make this country so great.

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Texas may have passed some questionable legislation just to prove a point. A Star Wars character watches over one U.S. city from atop a cathedral. And somewhere in the South, a tree lawfully owns itself. These facts and histories are strange but true, collected through extensive online research scouring periodicals and delving into the annals of history.

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We have selected these facts not just because they offer quirky information — many of them actually represent some unique aspect of the given state’s character. So check out the strangest fact about your state for some laughs and some light head-scratching over information you might never have imagined to be true.